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About Us

The Crafterstown Story

My wife has had a passion for crafting at a very young age. With her knowledge and experience gained from going to craft shows, we got a feel for how hard crafters work and how much devotion they put into making their Arts and Crafts.

We wanted to create a site that was different from the rest; a site that crafters could help create along the way and a place where they could all come together. What makes Crafterstown special is it’s made for Crafters BY crafters. We know what it’s like to spend an entire day making Arts & Crafts. We’ve spent countless hours of our own getting ready for arts & craft shows. We frequent shows and meet the actual artists and crafters who create these wonderful items.

Our goal is for Crafterstown to be a community that resembles the unique charm of a small town. In fact, we’ve named it Crafterstown just for this reason and also….

…because we know there is a crafter in every town.

We hope your Crafterstown experience is a great one and invite you to help us make it even better. We’d love your feedback and hope you’ll share your experience with us by visiting us on our Facebook page and or share with us on the Blog.

Happy Crafting,
Sean & Oveta Sullivan

Founders of Crafterstown