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Original Tailor made clothes for men, women, adult, children, mine and yours design.
Costumisable fashion, your one of a kind atelier.
Excellent fashionable handmade items for you, great gifts, a great secret to tell your friends and family, that might like my work.
In one side there´s great fabrics, on the other great garnments, so your imagination put them together, and request me for a special order, and in a few days, the item will be shipped to you.
Choose your favorite model and dashiki before is gone.

Have 10% off when buying 2 or more items! Use coupon code: MVDNC, at checkout!

Happy shopping :-)

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Worldwide Free Shipping - Gorgeous panti..

Worldwide free shipping Sexy, gorgeous, resistent, confortable, daily, saint valentine, honey moon underwear Available size

Price: $12.00
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